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Our Story: The Rug Colorist

With locations in Castro Valley, CA (East Bay San Francisco Area), and in Tampa Bay, FL, The Rug Colorist© is a one of very few color restoration experts in the country and the world. With training from the best in the industry, and using only the highest quality of dyes, we provide services to individual rug owners, to carpet cleaners, rug dealers, maid services, janitorial companies and other businesses that often encounter bleach spot and stain accidents in rugs, carpets and upholstery.

My name is Larissa Hoker, but you can call me Issa for short. I am very passionate about the art of color restoration. I am very blessed for having found my passion, and I owe this to 2 of the leading Dye Masters, Chris Howell of Colorful Carpets, and Ron Toney with Silk Rug Cleaning  and Carpet School.

With every color restoration repair, I bring in this passion and expertise to provide my clients with value in the best color restoration services, whether it be for a bleach spot repair, a Persian rug color restoration or a full room carpet color change.

I love being able to provide these services to carpet owners. Whether it is that dreadful moment when carpet owners spill bleach on their carpets, or when over time, their carpets begin to lose it’s lively color, or when the carpets no longer match the decor, we are can spot dye, full room dye or change the carpet color to match the latest trend and decor.​

Bleached Carpet Being Repaired
Rug Color Restoration

Our Approach

We use only the highest quality dyes that are colorfast*, lightfast and non-toxic. Our dyes have been used in many high profile locations, including the White House (by Colorful Carpets) and The U.S. Institute of Peace (The Rug Colorist & Colorful Carpets. See project photo here).
​Our process permanently restores colors and carpets can be walked on within minutes of being dyed. Once color restored, carpets can be cleaned normally by your professional carpet cleaner**.
*Check out our video on ​dye colorfastnes.

Meet the Team

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“Issa” Larissa Hoker

Carpet Dyeing Specialist

I love the art of Carpet Dyeing, but for me, it is about much more than carpet dyeing. There is great value in restoration of carpets and rugs, and I greatly enjoy bringing this value to my clients, whether it be when repairing a bleach spot, or restoring a Persian rug.

Regina Helena

Director of Operations

Tatiana Denisova

Director of Marketing

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