Carpet Damage Repair

Carpet Damage Repair

If you are a pet owner, you would probably agree that your pet is a part of your family.  And if you are a pet owner and a carpet owner, sometimes it is just a matter of time before our little furry friends accidentally damage the carpets. Carpet Pet Damage can happen for various reasons, such as when your pet got accidentally locked in the room, or got nervous with visitors and wanted to scratch their way through the carpet to get out the door, or if they have anxiety attacks and lick the carpets until the fibers are removed. Carpets that are pet damaged become an eyesore and are tough to hide. Thankfully, we can repair your carpets to looking great again so you don’t have to replace the whole carpets. Carpet damages can include:

Carpet Pet Damage, carpet burns, pet stains, hookah burns and stubborn stains.

These damaged areas require patching or permanently sectioning the carpet, and is definitely an art and is no simple task. Instead of trying to do it yourself or hiring a carpet cleaner to handle it, who has no experience installing carpet, consider the final product, and us for a professional cost effective repair.

How We Repair Your Carpets

  1. Carpet Repair with Remnant Carpet: We can use the extra remnant carpet you have available to perform the repair. If remnant carpet is not available, we have option #2.
  2. Donor Carpet obtained from closet with matching carpet: In this situation, we then can replace the piece of carpet that was removed from the closet with a non-matching carpet piece for a small fee. For your convenience, we carry a supply of extra types of carpet remnants of various shades as well as carpet pads. This gives you a cost effective solution to repairing your carpets. When you don’t have extra carpet for a repair this is a cost-effective and quick solution.

We repair your carpets by using the best methods available to make your carpets beautiful again, so you don’t have to replace your carpets!

Pet damage repair

Save up to 75% of carpet replacement cost. Questions? Free Quote?