Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Dyeing

Why Carpet Dyeing?

Carpets often time ugly out before they wear out! That is where we come in! The carpet restoration specialists!

We love saving homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars, by saving carpets that are in great condition (good fiber integrity) but need color restoration.

Do not replace your carpet

Faded and stained carpets common. Carpets typically ugly out before they wear out, losing an average of 3% of color due to sun fading and atmospheric factors. Our color restoration services  can restore your carpets and save you up to 75% over the cost of carpet replacement. Faded carpets are restored with carpet dyes to match original color. We also offer custom color carpet dyeing services so that carpet owners can match their decor without having to needlessly replace their carpets.

Carpet Dyeing Carpet Color Change

Save up to 75% of carpet replacement cost. Questions? Free Quote?