Persian & Oriental Rug Restoration

Persian and Oriental Rug Restoration

Persian and Oriental Rugs are woven treasures that can suffer from color damage from sun fading, color bleed and stubborn stains. We specialize in restoring these rugs, via a process developed by Chris Howell of Colorful Carpets, where we are able to repair the intricate details of specialty rugs by use of an airbrush.

Due to our specialization, we receive rugs shipped to us from around the country for color restoration.

Sun Fading and Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are treasures that can last for generations if properly taken care of. However, although the fibers may be preserved, sun fading is one notorious problem with these rugs. The red color, in particular, very common in certain types of rugs, are the first color to be affected by the sun. If you have a specialty rug with the color red in it, you have probably noticed that red that was at one time vivid, has with time lost its vibrancy, and has toned down to a more mellow pinkish tone. And if a rug is only partially exposed to the sun, uneven sun fading will occur. Unevenly faded Persian rugs can become unappealing to the eyes. We can restore the colors lost to your rugs, so they are beautiful again to be enjoyed for years to come!

Turkish Rug Airbrushing Color Restoration

Specialty Rug Restoration Process

Take a look at our restoration process here.

We also offer rug over dyeing custom color services to revive outdated rugs and match your decor and preserve your investment for years to come.

Specialty Carpet Dyeing Bleached Rug Video: How to fix rug color damage.

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