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Carpet Bleach Stain Vs Carpet Bleach Spot. Which is it? by The Rug Colorist

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“Bleach SPOT” or “Bleach STAIN”? When is it a “Stain” vs “Spot”?

If you ask most people, they could not tell you, since most people use both terms interchangeably, from pet stains, and wine stain to bleach spots and bleach stains. And if you search the internet, you may end up even more confused.Some sites also use the terms interchangeably, and others define a stain vs. a spot, depending on the time the spill has stayed untouched.

As a carpet dyeing expert, knowing the difference in identifying a carpet color issue determines the course of action for color correction. Often times, I receive client’s calls where clients describe their carpet as having a stain, but they have a spot, and vice versa. So to avoid any more confusion, here is what you need to know.

Permanent Carpet Stain

Carpet permanently stained with medicine dyes.


A carpet stain has color added to the carpet. So for example, wine stain, furniture stain, mustard stain, pet stain (yellow or brown added to carpet)





Carpet Spot discolored with sun fading and pet urine.

Carpet Spot discolored with sun fading and pet urine.

A carpet spot has color removed from the carpet. For example, bleach spot (color removed due to bleach), pet spot (carpet dyes lost due to urine), carpet spot (color removed from carpet spot cleaner, high alkaline or acid cleaner).





So there you have it! Take a look at how the carpets above were restored by The Rug Colorist.

Now, when you have a carpet color issue, you can call your carpet professional and tell them whether you have a carpet spot, or stain!

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, let us know!